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Parent Education

These classes offer training in effective parenting techniques to parents of children of all age groups. For over 25 years, Active Parenting Publishers has produced quality parenting materials under the expertise of Dr. Michael H. Popkin, a child and family therapist who is part of the Adlerian school of psychology. Dr. Popkin has designed a series of parenting classes that are being taught all over the world by parent and family educators.

Each parent education workshop is customized for children of different ages, but every Active Parenting class will cover some core effective parenting techniques, including but not limited to:

  • Effective, nonviolent discipline techniques
  • Teaching mutual respect
  • The power of encouragement
  • Successful communication skills

With these tips in effective parenting, and many more, you will be sure to make parenting decisions with confidence when confronted with difficult situations in the future.

Active Parenting of TEENS

Family Pride hosts sessions of these two award winning parenting classes:

 YOU can help us.

Learn to make a peaceful transition from parents to co-parents with this helpful course.

Through this program you will learn how to:

  • shield your children from parental conflict
  • manage your anger
  • negotiate peacefully with your child's other parent
  • establishing a positive, long-term relationship as "co-parents"

Video, discussion, and activities make for a fast-paced workshop Cooperative Parenting and Divorce uses helpful video scenes to demonstrate common co-parenting challenges and solutions. Each workshop allows plenty of time for group discussion and activities.

 Active Parenting of Teens is a 4 week program that addresses our complicated day and age. The Active Parenting of Teens program includes the essential Active Parenting model that has benefited millions of parents, plus:

  • teens & technology (the Internet, social networking sites, etc.)
  • the latest in teen drug use prevention (including prescription drugs)
  • teen bullying: how to spot it, how to handle it
  • special stepfamily considerations
  • how brain development affects teen behavior and decision- making
  • improved discipline and communication
  • updated teen sexuality issues