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Case Management is offered by Family Pride as the practical support to mental health. Our team of qualified and compassionate case managers is available to build the skills necessary to a healthy, struggle-free lifestyle such as;

Case Management

Practical Support for your Mental Health

Family Pride of Northeast Ohio, inc. Behavioral Health Counseling, Support Services, Case Management

social skills, linkages to local resources, time management and organizational skills, employability and independent living skills and advocating on clients behalf throughout “system” involvement such as juvenile court, Job& Family Services, schools, etc.

This service is offered on as as-needed basis to clients either as a stand-alone support or in conjunction with counseling services.

Chardon Office: 440-286-1553 ​​​

Ashtabula location – 440-536-5680

24 Hour CopeLine: (440) 285-5665​